Reinhard Sander

sanderrAcademic Degree:
PhD, University of Texas-Austin (1979)

Areas of Expertise: Caribbean Studies, African & African-American Literature, Colonial, 18th and 19th Century American Literature

Contact Information

Office location: English Department, Pedreira Building, Office #105B English Resource Center (Computer Lab)
Office hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:30-4:00pm & Saturdays 12-2pm or by appointment
Phone: (787) 764-0000 ext. 89646
Messages: (787) 764-0000 ext. 89611 (at the English Department office)

Brief biography

Reinhard Sander, Professor of English, teaches African, African-American and Caribbean literatures as well as Colonial, 18th & 19th Century American literature. Prior to joining the UPR faculty in 1995, he taught at universities in the United States of America, Germany, the Caribbean, England, and Nigeria. He is the author of The Trinidad Awakening: West Indian Literature of the Nineteen-Thirties (1988); editor of Der Karibische Raum zwischen Selbst- und Fremdbestimmung: Zur karibischen Literatur, Kultur und Gesellschaft (1984), From Trinidad: An Anthology of Early West Indian Writing (1978), and Index to Bim: 1942-1972 (1973); and co-editor of Ngugi wa Thiong’o Speaks: Interviews with the Kenyan Writer (2006), Twentieth-Century Caribbean and Black African Writers, 3 vls. (1996, 1993, 1992), The Man Who Loved Attending Funerals and Other Stories by Frank Collymore (1993), Ousmane Sembène: Dialogues with Critics and Writers (1993), Studies in Commonwealth Literature (1985), “Commonwealth” Literatures in Germany (1984),Veronica My Daughter and Other Onitsha Plays and Stories by Ogali A. Ogali (1980), Kas-Kas: Interviews with Three Caribbean Writers in Texas (1972), Palaver: Interviews with Five African Writers in Texas (1972).

 Course Syllabi:

INGL 6029

INGL 6497