Research Seminar (INGL 8099)

For the Research Seminar, students identify the primary area of specialization most appropriate to the dissertation project. Based on the primary area of study, students prepare an Annotated Bibliography along with an 8-10 page Position Paper that synthesizes information presented in that bibliography. The essay should identify the main questions of interest, lines of research, and should contextualize the 5-10 most important sources in the bibliography.  

The annotated bibliography should include 30 to 60 annotated sources (for both literature and linguistics students). The area of focus and number of sources will be decided in consultation with the student’s advisor and will depend on the student’s area of research. The annotated bibliography and the introductory essay will be turned in at the end of the semester in which the student takes 8099 and will be graded (PB, PN, or PS).

Students in 8099 should also begin preparing the unannotated bibliographies for their two secondary areas of study. These will serve as the reading lists for the two secondary exam areas (see list of areas) for the Comprehensive Exams (8890). A final version of these lists should be submitted by the second week of the semester in which students enroll in INGL 8890.

NOTE: A committee consisting of a director and two readers should be selected in advance of the student enrolling in 8099. This committee remains in place for the two secondary areas of the comprehensive exams that fulfill the requirements of INGL 8890.

Guidelines for Linguistics 8099 Annotated Bibliography and Essay [PDF]

Guideline for Literature 8099  Annotated Bibliography and Essay [PDF]