Graduate Admissions

M.A. Admission Requirements

  1. a Bachelor’s degree in English (or in a field related to Literature, Language, or Education);
  2. a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher;
  3. a Personal Statement (1-2 pages single spaced) introducing applicant’s background in the field (literature or linguistics), reasons for seeking the degree, specific topics of interest for future research or creative projects, and plans for career development.
  4. Two (2) Letters of Recommendation (preferably from professors familiar with the    applicant’s academic work);
  5. Two (2) Copies of all relevant Official Transcripts

Note: The specialization in Linguistics requires candidates have taken an introductory Linguistics course (ENGL 4205 or the equivalent in any language department), plus three additional hours in Linguistics. The specialization in Literature recommends candidates have taken survey courses in English and North American literatures along with at least one advanced writing course.

To start an electronic application for admission, please go to the Admissions Portal

Ph.D. Admission Requirements

  1. a Master of Arts degree or its equivalent in literature, language, linguistics or related field;
  2. a grade point average of 3.0 in the specialization and all previous graduate work;
  3. a 3 to 5-page essay (in English) describing the candidate’s reasons for pursuing a doctorate in English with specialized studies in Caribbean literature or language;
  4. an interview (when feasible) with the members of the Graduate Admissions Committee;
  5. three letters of recommendation
  6. an original piece of research in the field of Caribbean or related studies (i.e. M.A. thesis, published article, scholarly research paper, etc.).

To start an electronic application for admission, please go to the Admissions Portal

Note: as of October 24, 2018, the doctoral program conducts admissions in August and January of each year.