Master of Arts Degree

The Master’s program provides advanced studies in English-language literature and linguistics. Students must choose one of the areas of specialization: Literature or Linguistics.  Courses represent the global range of Anglophone Literature, Language, and Culture: from Old English to postcolonial theory, from Shakespeare to reggae and calypso lyrics, from generative syntax to ethnolinguistics, from Paradise Lost to feminism and film theory. The program’s primary goal is the pursuit of academic excellence in general English-language studies within the context of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean region as a whole.

Admission Requirements:

  1. a Bachelor’s degree in English (or in a field related to Literature, Language, or Education);
  2. a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher;
  3. a Personal Statement (1-2 pages single spaced) introducing applicant’s background in the field (literature or linguistics), reasons for seeking the degree, specific topics of interest for future research or creative projects, and plans for career development.
  4. Two (2) Letters of Recommendation (preferably from professors familiar with the    applicant’s academic work);
  5. Two (2) Copies of all relevant Official Transcripts

Note: The specialization in Linguistics requires candidates have taken an introductory Linguistics course (ENGL 4205 or the equivalent in any language department), plus three additional hours in Linguistics. The specialization in Literature recommends candidates have taken survey courses in English and North American literatures along with at least one advanced writing course.

To start an electronic application for admission, please go to the Admssions Portal

Requirements for Graduation (effective 2016):

Students in the M.A. program are required to complete a minimum of 30 credits. All M.A. majors must complete ENGL 6205—Seminar in Critical Writing (3 credits with a B or better)*; 24 credits of courses at the 6000 level or higher with a minimum GPA of 3.0; and a Research Essay (6891 for Literature and 6893 for Linguistics) or a Creative Thesis (6895) with a passing grade.

*A student can be excused from ENGL 6205 if a similar course has already been taken, including ENGL 3291 for those who studied with us as undergraduates, or evidence can be presented to demonstrate highly developed academic writing skills. In instances where the course is waived, the 3 credits are replaced with an elective in English (see graduate student manual for more information).

Requirements for Specialization in Literature 
ENGL 6205 Critical Writing3 credits 
ENGL 6415 Literary Criticism and Theory3 credits
Two (2) Period Specific Courses6 credits
Two (2) Genre/Author/Topic/Genre Courses6 credits
One (1) Elective in Linguistics3 credits
Two (2) 6000 level Electives (3 credits may be taken in another department)6 credits
ENGL 6891 Research Essay in Literature3 credits
Total Credits
Note: 3 of the 30 credits must be in pre-1800 literature courses.
30 credits
Requirements for Specialization in Linguistics  
ENGL 6205 Critical Writing3 credits 
ENGL 6051 Syntax I3 credits
ENGL 6499 Phonology of English3 credits
Three (3) Core Courses from Menu below
ENGL 6045 Language and Culture
ENGL 6052 Syntax II
ENGL 6100 Introduction to Linguistics
ENGL 6106 Applied Linguistics
ENGL 6408 Comparative Analysis of the Phonology of English and Spanish
ENGL 6435 Grammatical Structures of English and Spanish
ENGL 6440 Dialects of American English
ENGL 6466 Studies in Bilingualism
ENGL 6467 History & Development of English
ENGL 6469 Creole Languages
ENGL 6475 Dialectology of the English-speaking World(s)
ENGL 6488 Literature, Language, and Culture of the English-Speaking Caribbean
ENGL 6496 Topics in the Analysis of Contemporary English
ENGL 6505 Semantics of Modern English
ENGL 6507 The Acquisition of English
9 credits
Two (2) Electives in Linguistics6 credits
Two (2) 6000 Level Electives (one in Literature)3 credits
ENGL 6893 Research Essay in Literature3 credits
Total Credits
Note: 3 of the 30 credits must be in pre-1800 literature courses.
30 credits

For more information on the program requirements and policies, please see our Graduate Student Manual.

Financial Assistance:

The Department of English graduate program typically offers a limited number of Research Assistantships to promising M.A. students under the Programa de Experiencias Académicas Formativas (PEAF). For more information on Financial Assistance, please see the Dean of Graduate Studies Webpage.

Other Important Information for MA Students:

Independent Study
Research Essay & Thesis Guidelines
Creative Thesis
MA Research Essay in Literature course
MA Research Essay in Linguistics course