Graduate Student and Alumni Books

The following books (listed in alphabetical order by author) were published by graduate students or alumni from our department. Some are conference proceedings, and others are dissertations converted into books. They are an indicator of the high level of work produced in our graduate program.  Biographies and photos of the authors are available here.


Arrindell, Rhoda. (2014). Language, Culture, and Identity in St. Martin. Nehesi House Publishers. 



Cortes Santiago, Ileana, Puig, Raquel, & Smith, Dorsia (Eds.). (2008). Caribbean Without Borders: Literature, Language and Culture. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

cortes_puig_smith - Copy

Corum, Micah. (2015). Substrate and Adstrate: The Origins of Spatial Semantics in West African pidgincreoles. De Gruyter Mouton.



Delgado, Sally. (2019). Ship English: Sailors’ speech in the early colonial Caribbean. Language Science Press. 

Delgado, Sally. (2019). Ship English cover 

Domínguez, Brenda. (2015). The Unlinking of Language and Puerto Rican Identity: New Trends in Sight. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

brenda_dominguez - Copy


López, Ilsa. (2006). Stories from here and there. John Wiley & Sons.

Stories from her and there cover

López, Ilsa. (2009). Seasoned stories with sabor. John Wiley & Sons.

Seasoned stories with sabor


López Mazzeo, Denise. (2017). Photographic Memories: Caribbean Women’s Writings of the Diaspora. Arecibo, PR: Centro de Estudios Iberoamericanos, University of Puerto Rico.


Mitchell, Edward. (2010). St. Lucian Kweyol on Saint Croix: A Study of Language Choice and Attitudes. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Edward_Mitchell - Copy


Pérez Montijo, Edgardo (2014). Rehearsing and Improvising the Self: Performance In the Novels of Earl Lovelace. Arecibo, PR: Centro de Estudios Iberoamericanos, University of Puerto Rico.

edgardo_perez - Copy

Platón, Lydia. (2015). Defiant Itineraries: Caribbean Paradigms in American Dance and Film. Palgrave Macmillan.

lydia_platon - Copy


Quintero Aguiló, Maria Del Carmen, Jimenez Fuentes, Gabriel J., Joseph Haynes, Marisol, Mejia Gonzalez, Gabriel & Ursulin Mopsus, Diana. (Eds.). (2015). Caribbean without Borders: Beyond the Can(n)on’s range. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


Smith, Dorsia (2011). Latina/Chicana mothering. Demeter Press.

dorsia_smith - Copy


Tagirova, Tatiana (2012). Claude Mckay’s Liberating Narrative: Russian and Anglophone Caribbean Literary Connections. Peter Lang.