Diane Accaria (retired)


Academic Degree PhD, New York University (1994)

Areas of Expertise: Modernism, Film & Literature, Native-American Studies, Comparative Studies, 19th & 20th Century American Literature 

Contact Information

Email: guanara2@outlook.com

Brief biography

Diane Accaria-Zavala, a Ph.D. graduate of Comparative Literature and Cinema Studies from New York University, taught American, Native, and Caribbean literature and cinema at the University of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras Campus, Dept. of English, College of Humanities), from 1976 up to her retirement in January 2011. She was co-editor of Prospero’s Isles: The Caribbean Presence in the North American Imaginary, Macmillan (2003), which includes her essay “Blue Voodoo Beads, Rumba, and Revolutions: What Would Hemingway Be without Cuba?”  Other publications include:

  • “Songs for an Open Road: Humberto Solas’s Miel para Oshun and Barrio Cuba—A Legacy Lives On.” Caribbean Quarterly. Ed. Jean-Antoine Dunne. Vol 1, Nos. 2-3, June-September 2015.
  •  “‘Un incansable amor por la ruta’: Re-Imag[in]ing Identity within the Diversity of the Collective in Miel para Oshún and Diarios de motocicleta.”  Art and the Artist in Society. Ed. J. Jiménez-Justiniano, E. Luciano Feal, J. E. Alberdeston. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013. 205-226.
  • “Taking Up the White Man’s Burden: Manifest Destiny on Caribbean Shores in The Americano [1916].” Sargasso. 2005-06. I. 107-120.
  • “Breaking the Spell of Our ‘Hallucinated Lucidity’: Surveying the Native Self within Hollywood Cinema.” The Culture of the Hispanic CaribbeanLondon: Macmillan Publisher, 1999. 226-240.
  • “In and Out of the Reel World: Borges in Three Takes.” Journal of Film & Literature. Florida State UP, 1995.
  • “Can’t We All Be Marilyn? Film and the Falsity of the Sex Goddess in Macho Camacho’s Beat.” Sargasso (Caribbean Film) 8, 1992. 48-56.
  • “History: the Stuff Nightmares are made of in Wide Sargasso Sea.” Sargasso, 6, 1989.
  • “El gigantismo de Kane y la nueva narrativa de Carlos Fuentes.” Imágenes (IAU-PR Film Journal) 2: 2, 1986. 45-50.
  • “‘A.W’ y ‘DW’: El gigantismo de Kane y la nueva narrativa de Jorge Luis Borges.Imágenes (IAU-PR Film Journal) 2: 1, 1986. 28-31.
  • “¡Cámara, acción, Borges!” Imágenes (IAU-PR Film Journal).1: 2, 1985.

She is currently working on a book-length manuscript titled Straddling Borders: Narrating Literature with Cinema in Latin America.

Course Syllabi

INGL 6067: Magical Realism (1 cr. )