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Sargasso, a peer-reviewed journal of literature, language, and culture edited at the University of Puerto Rico, features critical essays, interviews, book reviews, as well as poems and short stories. Published from the University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedras for more than thirty years, Sargasso is affiliated with the Ph.D. program in Caribbean Literature and Linguistics in the Department of English of the College of Humanities. Either two issues or a single double issue are produced each academic year. The latest Sargasso issues are on display in the Richardson Seminar Room. These are available in the Sargasso office and they can also be purchased by mail. The journal’s past publications can be accessed free of charge via Digital Library of the Caribbean. Additionally, the journal has a Facebook page.

Sargasso particularly welcomes material written by and about the people of the Caribbean region and its multiple diasporas. Essays and critical studies should conform to the style of the MLA Handbook unless other specifications are provided for a particular issue.  Short stories should be kept to no more than 2,500 words in length, and poems should be kept to thirty lines or less.  While submissions are accepted at any time, potential contributors are asked to keep in mind that recent issues have been organized around specific themes. Authors submitting their work should consult the Contributor Guidelines posted below. 

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The full contents of back issues of Sargasso are now available online, as are the interviews featured in different issues and links to other Caribbean Studies journals.

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Don E. Walicek, Editor
Lowell Fiet, Founding Editor
María Cristina Rodríguez, Book Review Editor
Sally Everson, Contributing Editor
Katherine Miranda, Contributing Editor


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Jessica Adams, Independent Scholar 
Mary Ann Gosser-Esquilin, Florida Atlantic University 
Edgardo Pérez Montijo, Univ. of Puerto Rico, Arecibo
Peter Roberts, Univ. of the West Indies, Barbados
Ivette Romero, Marist College
Felipe Smith, Tulane University

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Opinions and views expressed in Sargasso are those of the individual authors and are not necessarily shared by Sargasso‘s Editorial Committee. This journal is indexed by HAPI, Latindex, MLA, and the Periodicals Contents Index. Copies of Sargasso are on deposit in the Library of Congress. ISSN 1060-5533

Peer Review Statement
The articles, essays, and interviews included in Sargasso undergo a process of peer review which consists of a minimum of three stages: initial selection, anonymous refereeing by at least two referees, and final review and editing.