Yolanda Rivera

riverayAcademic Degree
PhD, University of California at Davis (1994)

Areas of Expertise: Phonology, Syntax, Language Typology, Creole Studies

Contact Information

Office location: English Department, Pedreira Building, Office #6-A, Basement of Pedreira Building, College of Humanities
Office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00-11:20 am, Thursdays, 4:00-4:50 pm
Phone: (787) 764-0000 ext. 89632
Messages: (787) 764-0000 ext. 89611 (at the English Department office)

Brief biography

Yolanda Rivera was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. She completed her BA at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez, her master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and her Ph.D. at the University of California-Davis. She has taught at different universities in the US and currently teaches at the University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras in the English Department’s Ph.D. program in Creole languages and literature. Her main areas of research include Creole languages, suprasegmental systems, and the Phonology-Syntax connection. Other areas of inquiry that she has explored include the use of intelligent systems for computer assisted language learning (CALL) and historical linguistics. Her plans include creating web-based corpora for different Creole languages, such as Papiamentu and Saramaccan. Besides her academic pursuits, she enjoys writing poetry, reading on rainy days, and running.

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