Undergraduate Majors in English



Literature (ENGL): The literature major offers a curriculum which will give students both direct contact with British, American and other literatures written in English, such as Caribbean, African and Indian literatures, and the tools to analyze, research and write critically about them. By the time the student completes all the requirements for graduation as a English literature major, the student will:

1. have excellent competency in both the English and Spanish languages;

2. have completed all the courses required to major in literature in the English Department; (The student will have a broad overview of literatures written in English, with particular reference to British and American literatures. The major will have an awareness of the major genres, and the background and context of the literatures, and possess the ability to analyze literature critically.

3. be an effective communicator in the English language;

4. be able to pursue a career in teaching, business, communications, advertising, public relations, industry or any career where the ability to communicate correctly and effectively in oral and written English is required;

5. be motivated and prepared to pursue graduate studies in the area;

6. bring to his or her professional life a strong humanistic perspective based on a wide-ranging liberal arts education.

Linguistics and Communication (LICO)

This major is designed to prepare students for possible careers in teaching, business, communications, public relations and industry, or any career in which the ability to communicate correctly and effectively in oral and written English is essential. It should also interest the students in and prepare them for graduate studies in communication, linguistics, translation, speech, language pathology, or TESOL (the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages).

General Objectives:

I. Academic goals:

To provide an alternative major in the English Department which examines language itself as structure and as process through the fields of linguistics and communication, offering the opportunity to study the various aspects of linguistic analysis and human communication, verbal and nonverbal.

A. Linguistics

To provide students with knowledge concerning the nature and analysis of language as viewed through contemporary linguistic theory, with particular attention to English.

B. Communication

To provide students with knowledge of the dynamics of communication processes and of the methods for critical listening to and evaluation of public and private persuasion.

II. Developmental goal:

To provide students already proficient in English who wish to continue developing their competence and performance in English with an alternative to the English major in literature.

Specific objectives

1. To provide linguistics and communication courses which will help not only prospective English teachers but also those in other professional fields in which ability to communicate correctly and effectively in oral or written English is essential.

2. To serve our own majors and other departments and schools with a variety of speech communication courses which blend principles and techniques with opportunities for guided oral practice.

3. To serve our own majors and other departments and schools with a variety of linguistics courses which provide theory and practice in the analysis of linguistic systems such as phonology, syntax, semantics, discourse, language change, etc. (with particular attention to English) and which provide comparative studies of English and Spanish.

4. To interest students in preparing themselves for graduate work in linguistics, translation, or communication.