INGL 8201: Study trip to Ghana May 25-June 8, 2019

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May 25 to June 8, 2019

Profs. Nicholas Faraclas and Dannabang Kuwabong

University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus 

English Department Graduate Program

Code: INGL 8201: Languages and Literatures of Africa and its Diaspora

Credit Hours: 45 hours/3 credit

Course Description: (Open to all Students, Counts as a regular 3 Credit Linguistics 6000-8000 Level classes). This fieldwork course in Ghana aims to supplement and validate the theoretical assumptions made about West African roots of African diaspora Languages, (Creoles), Cultures, Histories, and Literatures. This course provides opportunities in areas of comparative multidiscipline and cross-cultural fieldwork in African and African Diaspora languages, literatures, cultures and histories. The course comprises three distinctive components: a cross-multidisciplinary investigation of West African and African Diaspora cultures, a practical introduction to West African and African Diaspora Languages; Comparative exploration of Cultural and Linguistic pluralism in West Africa and the African Diaspora.

Course Outline: This is seminar directed course. The program will primarily be based at the University of Ghana, Legon-Accra. The course involves the participation of students in fieldwork over a two- week period. Students will learn and practice various methods, techniques, and challenges of fieldwork articulated by ethnographers, Creolists, literary scholars, and folklorists. Students will design and undertake independent research projects. 

Para matricularse en este curso, favor de dirigirse a la oficina del Programa Graduado de Inglés (Pedreira)

Registration must be done through the Graduate Program in English.

Estimated Expenses: $2680.00

Airfare: $1250+Board &Lodging: $500. Ground Transport: $200 Visa Fees: $80; Yellow Fever Vaccine: $250

Other Personal Expenses: $400

Total number of days: 15days plus optional extra week of travel in the north of Ghana

Tentative Dates: May 6 to June 8, 2019.

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