Afro-Latinx Studies in Afro-Atlantic Contexts: Weaving Digital, Material, and Archival Practices

The Caribbean Without Borders Graduate Student Conference welcomes all students, faculty, and the community to join this virtual keynote by Dr. Yomaira C. Figueroa-Vásquez.


How do we map relations across the Afro-Atlantic? How do the diasporic cultural productions of the sole Spanish-speaking nation in Sub-Saharan Africa connect with works emerging from the Afro-Latinx Caribbean? What insights do we gain by reading these contemporary works alongside each other? This talk examines the long history of Atlantic crossings between Equatorial Guinea and the Latinx Caribbean and engages in a robust discussion about colonialism, diaspora, feminisms, decolonization, literature, and the human. We will trace how themes of intimacy, witnessing, dispossession, reparations, and futurities are remapped in a series of works that not only reveal violence but also forms of resistance. We will also discuss the art of weaving material and digital humanities practices in order to remix knowledge production and new modes of sharing. Finally, by tracing Black Digital Humanities methods and Afro-Puerto Rican archives we will consider how weaving material and digital approaches can offer new ways to consider questions of race, belonging, and memory.


Friday, Feb 25, 2022 04:00 PM- 06:00 PM AST


Streaming live on the Caribbean Without Borders YouTube and Facebook Pages